We Are Four!

We Are Four……………

Yes, peoples…….we are four. Last year’s been a turbulent one, with a new record out ànd bandbuddies flying out. Frank Hiep (Git.), Merijn Jansen (Git.) and Ben Wennekers (Bass) went off and became SILVER FERNS, Ben Wennekers is also SANTA FÉ’s mainman. Playing in a lot of bands makes it hard to get together on a regular basis, so we decided to get ourselves a new bassguy and limited the amount of guitarists to 2. The wall of sound is still there, no worries………! So our new man is KAY TJASSING, playing a beautiful Fender Jaguar Bass. Kay just did his first gig with AVERY PLAINS (Kadepop, Groningen) and boy, he did well. Kay also builds his own LIQUITONE pedals. Check his work here;                                                        


So here’s a pic of Kay, our new bassdude……. we chose him for his looks, of cóurse we did;

Avery Plains Kadepop 2015 VI

Ok, and for some other news; ready for release in a couple of weeks; “Avery Plains” on VINYL, we’ll keep you posted. Also, we plan to release a 7″ somewhere in the beginning of 2016. HALLY VENRAY’s Henk Koorn produced it. Oh, and a video; something about shooting plastic ducks.

Checkable on YouTube; AVERY PLAINS did a recordingsession, Live At Clay. 4 songs when we were still 5 (Frank had already left the band); Enjoy……