Our album is out March 12!

Peoples! What’s NEW? Our album is out March 12! It’s called ‘Avery Plains’, it’s a debut album, see?  The album will be presented in the VERA club, Groningen/Holland, March 20. Opening act that night will be KIN, check them out, special stuff……
Also, the video “Smells Like Trombone” (opening track of ‘Avery Plains’) was nominated ‘Best Short Film’ on the International Film Festival Rotterdam in Groningen. Read about it here: http://www.groningerforum.nl/agenda/activiteiten/de-beste-groninger-film-2014

Here’s what the jury wrote: Juryrapport Beste Groninger Film 2014

……..and it’s october, 2015; Kay Tjassing is our new bassplayer, Frank Hiep, Merijn Jansen and Ben Wennekers left the band. We got some work to do. Read all about it in the Blog-section.