BLOG: Debut album ‘Avery Plains’ is out

Yo, friends! So what’s going on with our little troupe Avery Plains? Apart from pure excitation due to the fact that our debut album ‘Avery Plains’ is out, we also recorded some new stuff at the Sahara Sound Studio in The Hague, Holland. It’s owner Henk Koorn is the legendary Singer/Guitarplayer of HALLO VENRAY. Together with Natasha van Waardenburg, Henk runs a great little studioshack next to a horse stable in the middle of town. We witnessed a very lonely horse there, wanted to free the poor thing, but hey; this is The Hague and what’s a horse gonna do, strolling around town?
We recorded two songs; ‘A Taste Of Bliss’ and ‘Unwritten Law’ which is a coversong, originally done by THE SOUND. Avery Plains will release these songs on 7″ vinyl, probably August/September 2015. Stuff sounds great and Henk added some ‘lightning’ sounds by banging his fists on a Fender Twin Reverb amp!

There’s superb ART in the Sahara Sound Studio as well!! Here’s some pix;
Blog-2,-march-2015 Blog,-march-2015

Needless to say we highly recommend the Sahara Sound Studio. Henk and Natasha are great people to work with, no shit.